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'Thrill Me' - Facial Recognition and Anxiety Mapping

‘Thrill Me’ is a content discovery system for smart TV’s and tablets that uses facial recognition to judge anxiety repsonse for scary movies… Cool huh?

Portal CEO Julain McCrea, describes Thrill Me;

“Users anxiety levels are measured, then Thrill Me presents you with two film trailers and measures your facial expressions and level of empathy. Then Thrill Me comes back with a recommendation on which to one watch, depending on which you are more thrilled by.”

Thrill Me is just the front tip of a slate of productions coming down the pipe at Portal, delivering immerisve entertainment that wraps the audience up in dark thriller, supernatural and horror experiences.

A video interview segment for The Guardian explores “how two startups and one well known book publisher are using digital technologies and matching up disciplines from publishing and gaming to transform literature and storytelling.” View the video here. 

Thrill Me was also covered by VodPro : “allows users to choose between horror, thriller, mystery and suspense content using the camera in their laptop, device or mobile phone. The average person spends 10 minutes a day just trying to find something to watch, according to research by Digitalsmiths. This adds up to two and a half days a year, and Thrill Me aims to tackle the issue of content discovery.”

Thrill Me is also part of a bigger Portal Entertainment strategy of understanding how audiences engage with high-stakes storytelling at an emotional level and using that to inform the way we conceive, develop, write and execute interactive, immerisve entertainment.

Yeah, we just want to scare you better!

BeetTV covered the MIPTV conference in Cannes this year where Portal were showing off Thrill Me and here Julain talks about the road from observation, to idea, to research to execution. 


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