Thrilled to say I'll be heading to C21 Media's ContentLondon this year for the annual DramaSummit and FutureMedia conferences. I'll be a guest speaker at FutureMedia which this year is focused on Narrative VR. I'm there to talk about the process of making VRNoir, working with the amazing team at Start VR, and the challenges of VirtualReality storytelling. Whilst there I'll also be at the Drama Summit as part of the SweetPotatoFilms team with showrunner Vicki Madden as she talks about The Kettering Incident and the new SPF TV drama slate.


01/10/16 - VRNoir named in the VirtualReality ProtoAwards, nominated for Most Innovative VR Production of the year. It's a rather humbling experience to see our nifty little detective thriller sitting along side industry juggernauts Google Tiltbrush and Valve...!


20/09/16 - Very pleased to say that 'VRNoir: A Day Before the Night' has been nominated in this years Screen Producers Australia Awards. The Award recipients will be revealed at the gala ceremony taking place at Crown Palladium, Melbourne on Thursday 17 November 2016 during the 31st SCREEN FOREVER conference.


05/09/16 - ScreenNSW has announced the slate of #VR projects it is supporting as part of #360Vision and am stoked to be part of the initiative collaborating with the supremely talented Rosie Lourde on her new Dystopian Thriller, BREACH. 


26/07/16 - Happy to say I'll be coming on board as Script Producer with ABC TV to help steer a slate of new scripted-series commissions for ABC iView. Instigated as the 'Long Story Short' initivie with Screen Australia we'll be putting five exciting new series into production this year.


13/07/16 - Will be speaking at 'Breaking Bland', part of the Splendour in the Grass festival forums, Friday 22nd July. Presenting youth drama series 'Deadlock' (developed by EveryCloud Productions) and discussing the opportunities of screen storytelling in the online space.


08/07/16 - VRNoir: A Day Before the Night will showing at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

"Combining the best aspects of cinema and gaming into a novelistic narrative, VR Noir is a collaborative experiment between from creators Nathan Anderson, Martin Taylor and Mike Jones. Navigating through 360-degree live-action cinematography and CGI environments, users must solve puzzles, interact with other users and characters, make hard choices and notice everything in their search for clues that will keep the story moving."


07/07/16 - The Fantasia International Film Festival program has been announced and uber-excited to say that my #VirtualReality detective thriller, VRNoir: A Day Before the Night, is being featured as part of the Official Selection in a dedicated VR showcase.